• Just like the simple version of the model , color lightly infected with pristine clear water , the prominent elegant and refined charm. Bows and flowers zipper accessories , the details of the re-emphasized the theme of fresh and sweet . Autumn sometime , coupled with woolen coats and knitted sweater into a soft quiet little fresh, and the autumn , the interpretation of unrestrained youth flying good time . Exquisite leather craft with simple and stable version of the classic type , a lot of people the most basic style luxury positioning of the longchamp maroquinerie . Simple selection of colored restrained , and each color has a fascinating charisma . Short hand side tassel belt and accessories are the finishing touch of the Department, a little more too fancy , curbing will uninteresting, suitable for the workplace resolutely royal sister .

    Longchamp pliage, with a point of tension school in youth , and mixed a little luxury retro flavor, is best suited to half playful, half staid academic small woman. They always like to wear lace skirt , take pieces of hollow sweaters, galloping pony ride , like a little elf -like dip in the most pleasant time of . Black and white contrast color stitching bags , Wen Wanya pursuing a path of small fragrant wind , particularly stand the test of time. Vertical square version of the type , with a long bag belt, especially for children like paper thin figure, tall and slender single shoulder up even more . European and American big bags belonging minimalist design, suitable for elegant workplace indifferent girl .

    Grown to become perhaps the longchamp sac pu small purses, longchamp pas cher from the bag becomes as simple . As part of the ocean like a blue tint , bottom heavy wild winter season bag bag hit the color reinforced with rich colors, enhanced three-dimensional visual effect . V-shaped metal decoration , with elegant gas field capable women , let you easily across a variety of occasions . If you feel that life is busy and monotonous suppressed for too long , it took advantage of the weekend leisure time , try to change the status bar. For example, defeated a strong retro atmosphere contaminated with longchamp handbags, wear loose jeans and wear white canvas shoes , go to the streets crazy shopping, go to yearn for long distance travel , are very exciting thing .

    Like longchamp bags retro flavor on the edge of the longchamp inlaid hollow pattern , like most of the ancient richly ornamented courtyard pavilion , winding back and forth , leisurely charm . The low-key but graceful lady temperament red wine, already in the past two years, renowned winter season , because red wine has a very tolerant and the longchamp outlet itself is compact , very popular MM sought after. Such is life, stop and go all the way , going around in circles , always met his old look. As this big canvas shoulder bag , bookish student with a point of interest , but also the inclusion point of idle comfortable casual taste , allowing you to return to youth , to be happy and well-behaved little woman , exposing the most deeply moving and sweet smile.

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